Local and regional building codes undergo continual evolution.  In particular, the New York City Building Code has been undergoing extensive changes over the last ten years, and extensive changes continue to be adopted, with new edition be released in 2014.  Contractors, architects, and engineers may not be able to remain up-to-date on each change, and may need assistance in going before the building department with code issues.  Our building code consulting services provide clients with independent evaluations of code compliance evaluations and recommendations for achieving compliance.  

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Structural Investigation, Evaluation, and Rehabilition

LCE can evaluate existing structures at any stage of their service life, from new construction to, if necessary, post-failure analysis.  We survey, evaluate and test the existing structural elements to determine the presence of any material deterioration or structural integrity deficiencies.  When appropriate, we perform material and analytical testing in our laboratory facilities or using non-destructive methods on site.  After the investigation phase is complete, we develop rehabilitation programs that include design and specifications for structural repairs.

Our principals are experienced in forensic engineering related to construction dispute resolution and structural failures.  We review the project documents, perform site investigations, and develop and execute in-depth inspection programs.  Our non-destructive testing capabilities augment our field investigation techniques, allowing a facility to remain in use during the forensic investigation.  We provide physical investigation, laboratory and non-destructive testing, code reviews, litigation reports, and export testimony.  We provide our clients with investigation reports that can be used during dispute resolution or litigation procedures, and are available to testify at depositions or in court.​

LCE provides material selection, testing, and construction services for all stages of a project. We work with clients to identify and reduce risk, and lower costs of construction by evaluating materials and assessing their performance.  LCE performs nondestructive testing (NDT) of concrete structures to obtain material properties of in-place concrete, without the destruction of the specimen or damage to the structure. We can assess and monitor the condition of in-situ concrete structures and structural elements using various methods. Condition assessment are performed on new structures for quality assurance purposes, and on older structures for repair, rehabilitation and/or renovation purposes.

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LCE provides engineering services for preservation of historic structures by working with the owner or architect to establish an appropriate rehabilitation program consistent with the significance of the building, monument, or transportation structure.  Our approach to the work complies with the intent and requirements of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.